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Relaxense Traditional Tibetan Healing Incense

Price: $11.95
Relaxense Traditional Tibetan Healing Incense, Approximately 22-25, 8-Inch Sticks

Relaxense is a Tibetan aromatherapeutic incense used for centuries in ancient Tibet during periods of stress, tension, anxiety, and trauma. Its formulation is based on the profound principles of the Buddhist system of medicine.

According to Tibetan Buddhist medical theory, Relaxense helps allleviate symptoms caused by an imbalance of Lhoong; such as stress, anxiety, headache, irritability, insomnia, dissiness, fainting, or lack of concentration.

Relaxense is a soothing and never overpowering incense, it burns with delightful, clear, and country-fresh fragrance that both uplifts and settles the mind, body, and spirit. This incense is made by Tibetan refugees living in the Himalayas, using selected aromatic herbs and spices found ounly in that particular region of the world.
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