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Lavender Flowers 1 lb.

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Finest Quality. Great Fragrance. Lavender Flowers, 1 lb.

Finest Quality

These are the best quality commercially available. The difference in the grades of lavender is not determined by fragrance. The higher the grade means it has less stems and is a brighter color flower. These are very pretty and fragrent dried flowers. They would be great in a pillow, bath, potpouri or flower bag or in a vase. Lavender has been known to have some great soothing qualities to it.

Lavender, a popular member of the mint family, has been used for years in soaps, perfumes, and toiletries. Its taste is perfumed and sweet, with lemon and citrus notes. It also has a nice relaxing aroma to it. Some say it calms people with anxiety and stress.

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Lavender is widely grown in gardens. Flower spikes are used for dried flower arrangements. The fragrant, pale purple flowers and flower buds are used in potpourris. Dried and sealed in pouches, they are placed among stored items of clothing to give a fresh fragrance and as a deterrent to moths.
The plant is also grown commercially for extraction of lavender oil from the flowers. This oil is used as an antiseptic and for aromatherapy. Lavender flowers yield abundant nectar which yields a high quality honey for beekeepers. Lavender honey is produced primarily in the nations around the Mediterranean, and marketed worldwide as a premium product. Lavender flowers can be candied and are used as cake decoration. Lavender is also used as a herb, either alone or as an ingredient of herbes de Provence. Lavender is also used to flavour sugar, the product being called "lavender sugar".

Medicinal use Flower of cultivated lavender; Lavandula stoechas or Spanish lavender Lavender has been extensively used in herbalism. An infusion of lavender is claimed to soothe and heal insect bites. Bunches of lavender are also said to ward off insects. If applied to the temples, lavender oil is said to soothe headaches. Lavender is frequently used as an aid to sleep: Seeds and flowers of the plant are added to pillows, and an infusion of three flowerheads added to a cup of boiling water are recommended as a soothing and relaxing bedtime drink.

Lavender oil (or extract of Lavender) is claimed to heal acne when used diluted 1:10 with water, rosewater, or witch hazel; it is also used in the treatment of skin burns and inflammatory conditions (it is a traditional treatment for these in Iran).

There is scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of some of these remedies, especially the anti-inflammatory effects, but they should be used with caution since lavender oil can also be a powerful allergen.

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