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Karma Kakola Incense

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(25) 8-inch Karma Kakola Incense Sticks

From the makers of Nirvana and Relaxense

Karma Kakola is the trade name of a Tibetan medical incense popularly known as Kola 25. It is one of those rare incense formulations that are acutally written down in medical manuscripts such as bDud-rTzi'i 'Bum-bZang. The original formulation has 25 ingredients including some endangered animal and plant species such as musk, pangolin shells, Aquilaria agollocha, Dracocephalum tanguticum, and Sinolimprichtia alqina. In recognizing the urgent need to protect these endangered animal and plant species, we have removed them from the formulation.

The original formulator of this incense was the brilliant physician-scholar named Deumar Geshé Tenzin Phuntsog. He was born in 1725 at Gojo Dzong in the district of Chabdo, Tibet. His family ancestry is traced to Vijay Gajay, the first Indian Buddhist monk-physician who came to Tibet during the reign of King Lha Tho Thori (5th century C.E.). At a young age, he enrolled at Zikar Monastery and apart from the learning the main subjects of reading, writing, philosophy, logic and so forth, he specialized in medicine and astronomy. Later, because of his very independent and progressive nature, he left the monastery and spent a couple of years studying and writing at Lhathog in Dérgé. A brilliant researcher and a prolific writer, he is said to have written forty-two treatises on various subjects. Most of his works were washed away in floods or burnt in fire accidents. However, fifteen of his works are extant: the most well-known among them are the Shel-gong (Crystal Heap) and Shel-preng (Crystal Rosary) that lists 2294 medicinal ingredients of rock, mineral, plant, and animal origin. Furthermore, the books provide the description, availability, drug action, and various tastes of these drugs. His research work led him to travel all over Tibet and to Yunan (China) and even to India. Deumar spent his latter years at Sera Monastery and Namtso Lake in Northern Tibet.

INGREDIENTS: Terminalia chebula, Terminalia belerica, Emblica officinalis, Amomum subulatum, Inula racemosa, Commiphora mukul, Shorea robusta, Artemisia annua, Elettaria cardamomum, Commiphora mukul, Juniper, Rhododendron, Cinnamomum tamala, Eugenia caryophyllata, Myristica fragrans, Acorus calamus, Tinospora cordifolia, Phlogacanthus pubinervius, Molasses, Setaria italica, Rosa rubus.

POTENCY AND ACTION: According to the incense manual, Karma Kola delights all deities and annoys all types of harming influences and obstacles known as bGegs. It also provides power and victory over food, domestic animals, wealth, and the eight types of beings known as sDe-brGyad (deities, nagas, ghandavas, demi-gods and so forth). By offering this incense one also earns merits and engages in virtuous actions. It also clears the five moral obstructions of attachment, mental sloth, sleep/regret, mental distraction, and doubt. Furthermore, it provides one with morality, handsome form, sweet smell, and purity. One also becomes protected, pleasant and pleasing to others.

DIRECTIONS: Early in the morning, before all other smells enter the nostrils, light the incense and offer it to the Buddha, and one's three roots of guru (Bla-ma), meditational (Yi-dam), and tutelary (Srung-ma) deities. Without making a difference between your object(s) of worship and the smoke, allow the smoke pervade throughout the orifices of the body such as the nostrils, mouth, ears and so forth. You will experience protection from all daily obstacles and harming influences; in particular you will be protected from all contagious disorders. One month's offering will protect you for the whole year. This incense is formulated by condensing into one, all the potencies of formulations from many treatises of innumerable masters. bGegs is a collective name for 1) 360 female gDon caused by clinging from desire whose manifested fruit is rLung; 2) 360 male gDon caused by anger/hatred whose manifested fruit is mKhris-pa and 3) 360 neutral- gendered gDon caused by ignorance whose manifested fruit is Bad-kan. gDon is a general term for mental disorders that associates an illness to the harming influences of make-believe spirits, ghosts, demons and so forth. All infectious disorders such as the flu, cholera, typhoid, SARS, T.B. etc.
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