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Dolma Asafoetida Healing Incense

Price: $9.00
(18) 6 1/2-inch Dolma Asafoetida Healing Incense Sticks

Positive effect on urinal and genital systems, metabolism and endocrine system. Stimulates spleen, liver, uterus, gallbladder, stomach, pancreas, kidneys, nervous system and the heart.

Dr. Dolma (1935-1989) regarded asafoetida as one of the best and most potent herbs to heal physical and mental stress and tension arising due to excess "wind" in the system. Asafoetida is also a stimulant and sedative. Its laxative, tonic, expectorant & aphrodisiac qualities are well known to modern herbalism. It is compounded from 27 herbs with asafoetida as its base. It is curative in effect. It is not to be used as a ritual offering. This incense is prepared under the supervision of Dr. (Mrs.)Dolkar of Tibet.
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